Creating a new Check-In/Check-Out user

After logging in to CDM+ as an administrator, go to File > Administration and click Users on the left. Click the small + button at the bottom of the Users list (just above Access Settings heading) to add a new user. First click to put a check in the box beside Limit to Check-In/Check-Out Operations only. The window will change to reflect the limited available Permissions for this type of user.

Next, enter the information in the fields (Name, Username, Password). The Access Setting droplist only applies if an administrator has created an Access Setting for Check-In/Check-Out stations. More information on Access Settings is found in the Administrative Tools manual section.

In the Permissions section of the window, click to put check marks in the Membership, Check-In/Check-Out and Utilities sections to set the areas of CDM+ you would like to allow the user to access. When you are finished, click Save. NOTE: Only an administrator can access Users.

With the above permissions checked, a Check-In/Check-Out operations only user will have full access to CDM+ Check-In/Check-Out, and full read and write access to Address Records, Individual Records and Visitor Records in Membership. Some tabs are disabled on these windows, however, such as Giving Units and Visitation. Check-In/Check-Out users can print Address and Individual Name Badges but no other reports.