Create ACH File

NOTE: If you selected "File after writing Checks" in the ACH Setup, Create ACH File will automatically open after “Writing Checks.” (See ACH Setup, item 1 above.)

After writing payroll checks and BEFORE POSTING payroll. . .

  1. Select Create ACH File from the Payroll menu.

  2. Review the transactions listed and click the Create File button. CDM+ will create a file for you to send to your banking institution.
  3. Browse to the location you wish to save and click Save.
  4. Send this ACH file to your bank for them to process.

    NOTE: This is NOT automatically done via CDM+. Contact your bank for their instructions on where to send the ACH file created in CDM+.

  5. A message will appear asking if you wish to mark the Auto-Draws as filed. Click Yes.
  6. Proceed to the Post Payroll window and post payroll as usual.