Employee Information

  1. Select Employee Information from the Payroll menu. Or, click on 3. Enter employees on the Getting Started pane of the Employee Information button on the Windows pane of the Welcome to Payroll window. If you have chosen under Preferences-Toolbar to display the Payroll toolbar, you may click on the Employee Information icon.
  2. The Employee Information window will open.

  3. Click Add or Multi-Add.
  4. Type the employee's Last Name. Tab through Mailing Name (first name), Birthdate and SS# (123-45-6789), typing the appropriate information.
  5. Tab through the Address Lines, City, State, Zip, and Primary Phone, typing the appropriate information.
  6. Press Tab to move to the Employment Info section. Enter an Employee ID. Employee IDs can be up to eight characters in length and can be any combination of letters and numbers. This field is user-defined and may be used to categorize employees by departments, etc. NOTE: The Employee ID field must be completed.
  7. Pressing Tab to move through the fields, type the employee’s Position and Start Date. The Finished Date will only be entered once this person has left your employment.

    NOTE: The No Longer Employed checkbox should be checked once employment is terminated. This will keep this employee’s payroll from calculating but will keep the current year’s records in the system for the sake of W-2’s at the end of the year.

  8. Click on the Setup tab to open the next pane of the Employee Information window.

If the employee already has a record in your CDM+ Membership database, check the "Link to Address Record" box and when the window opens, find the appropriate address record, click OK, and CDM+ will auto-fill the employee's address and phone number. If you plan to offer your employees the ability to view Payroll History from Engage Payroll in in CDM+ 10.0.4 or later, the employee must have an individual record in CDM+ Membership and this box must be checked on the Employee Information tab in Payroll.