(C) Set Up Your Chart of Accounts

Under the Accounting menu, select Ledger and under Ledger select Chart of Accounts. (The Chart of Accounts may also be accessed by clicking the Chart of Accounts button on the Accounting Setup window).

Create Chart of Accounts

1. Work in this order:

     o Categories and Sub-categories

     o Balance Sheet Accounts

     o Income/Expenses

2. To add an Account click Add and complete the Type, Number and Description; choose a Category.

3. Common Account numbers groupings:

     o Assets - 1000’s

     o Liabilities - 2000’s

     o Funds - 3000’s

     o Income - 4000’s

     o Expense - 5000’s up

NOTE! CDM+ Accounting allows for an unlimited number of accounts.  You can also create 5-digit accounts numbers.