Visitor Letters

With CDM+, you have the capability to create and track letters that you are sending to visitors. This is done on the Visitor Letter Assignment window.

Visitor Letter Assignment Window

Here you can assign letters to be prepared for printing by Event, Class or Service. To prepare a letter, select the Letter Setup button at the top-right corner of the window (see above). The Visitor Letter Setup window will open and you see the usual tabs for a report with the addition of a Notice tab. It is under this tab that you create the template-like letter.

Visitor Letter Setup

See the CDM+ Notices section of this manual for more information regarding creating and formatting notices.

When you have created the letters you want to send, click Close button.

With the appropriate letter created, you will now enter the Attendance Date you want to search on as well as the Event, Class or Service. Click the Load button. CDM+ find those visitors who were present on the attendance date. From this window, choose the letter that you want to send to the Visitor under the Letter column, select the Family Visitor Status, and click Save.

To print the Visitor Letters, click the Print Letters button.

Visitor Letters Print Window with Preview Showing

You will see a list of the specific letters that will be printed. You can expland the list and see to whom the letters belong by clicking the triangle to the left of the check box. Click the Print button and the letters will be printed. After they are printed, you will be asked if you want to mark the letters as printed and if you want to print labels (or envelopes) for the letters. (This does not apply if you are previewing the letters.)

Mark Letters As Printed

If you click Yes to mark letters as printed, you will be asked if you want to print labels now.

Print Labels Now?

If you click Yes to this question, the Visitor Labels window will open and you may choose to print labels or envelopes to match the letters.

Visitor Labels Window with Preview for #10 Envelopes

The date the letters were printed will display in the Sent column of the Visitor Letter Assignment window.