Record Window Basics

CDM+ has been designed to have a consistency across data entry or record windows. Once you are comfortable moving around one, for example, Address Records, you won’t have much trouble finding your way around Individual Records, Contributions, Ledger Entries or many others. Instead of clicking on buttons to open additional windows of information, data entry windows have tabs to open new panes of information. But, should you wish to view that information in a separate window, it can be separated with a click of the mouse.

Re-sizing the Window

An entry window may be re-sized by placing your cursor on the border of the window until it changes to a double-arrow, then clicking and dragging it larger or smaller. The results list area may be enlarged by placing your cursor on the line above the menu tabs until it changes to a plus sign with arrows, then clicking and dragging it larger or smaller.


Exploded View of Windows

Many windows in CDM+ have additional panes accessed by clicking on tabs. This includes a lot of information in a small amount of desktop real estate. However, sometimes you need to be able to see more than one pane at a time. The secondary panes can be separated from the main window in one of two ways:

  1. Control-click (Windows) or Command-click (Macintosh) the tab.
  2. Click on the small black triangle at the bottom right corner of the pane.

This will open the pane in a separate window.

As you change records in the main data entry window, the exploded windows will change accordingly.

If you wish this tab to always open in a separate window, click the Configure button on the record window and check the box to save the exploded state.

Note: The primary tab of a record frame window cannot be exploded.