The menus in CDM+ are perhaps the easiest way to see all available record windows and reports at a glance.

Program Menu

Click on Program in the menu bar to display a drop list of CDM+ programs and sub-programs. Move your mouse to highlight a menu item and a secondary menu will display. Click an item on that menu to open that record window. 

Sample Program Menu

Note: Those programs and sub-programs for which you do not have a license or user access to will appear on the menus but will be grayed out and not selectable.


Reports Menu

Click on Reports in the menu bar to display a drop list of CDM+ program and sub-program reports. Move your mouse to highlight a menu item and a secondary menu of the available reports or report types for that program or sub-program will display. Many report types, such as Listings, will have a third menu of the reports within that type.

Sample Reports Menu showing reports within a type


Help Menu

The Help menu provides access to user support for CDM+, including the electronic manual, links to the Tech Support email address, CDM+ website, a screen-sharing website optionally used during a tech support call and a form for providing feedback on the program.

CDM+ Help Menu

Browse Manuals – Click to open your web browser to the online CDM+ help manuals. You may enter a keyword and click the Search button to bring up a list of relevant entries.

Please note! You do not need to log in to access the Manuals or Videos portions of the CDM+ Knowledge Base website.

Email Tech Support – Click to open your email program to send an email to the CDM+ Tech Support Department. Be as specific as possible when asking your questions about using CDM+. Also, please include your name and the name and location of your church or organization in the email message so we can identify you. All instances of CDM+ Tech Support are logged with a CDM+ User Record in our database so it helps to connect your email to the correct church or organization.

Note: Phone calls to CDM+ Tech Support (Monday-Friday 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern time at 800-633-9581) take precedence over emails to If you have an urgent need, we encourage you to call if at all possible. Also, emails to CDM+ Support should not be used to request a phone call. You can leave a voice mail message if you reach us outside our normal support hours. This ensures a more timely return call.

Visit the CDM+ Website – Click to open the CDM+ website with your web browser.
Open Screen Sharing – When prompted by a Suran support technician or while waiting for a callback, click to open a screen-sharing website with your web browser to facilitate assistance.
Provide CDM+ Feedback – Select to report a bug, make a suggestion or provide any other type of feedback (other than requesting tech support).
Provide CDM+ Feedback - Comments

To use the Provide CDM+ Feedback feature,  just type a detailed description of your feedback on the Comments pane. You may also include pertinent screenshots of open windows by checking them in the Include these screenshots list. Choose the type of Feedback from the drop down list.

CDM+ Provide Feedback - Environment

Click on the Environment tab and make sure the information there is correct. Particularly be sure to include your correct email address in case our development team has any questions. Click Send.

Please note:  The Provide CDM+ Feedback function does NOT take the place of contacting CDM+ Tech Support. You will not get a response from the CDM+ software developer working on the issue unless he or she has a question. For timely help with a problem, please call (800-633-9581) or email ( CDM+ Tech Support.