Using the CDM+ Online Manuals

These online manuals are organized into all program and sub-program areas available in the latest version of CDM+. In addition, you will find sections, such as Fundamentals of CDM+, Advanced Find/Search, or CDM+ Notices that have suite-wide application. There are also sections related to CDM+ companion products, such as CDM+ Mobile, Web Ministry Tools and Engage.

NOTE! Your CDM+ suite may not be licensed for all program/sub-program areas covered in this manual. Also, if you are using an earlier version of CDM+ than the current release, your programs may look or behave differently.

On the left side of each page is a table of contents. You can click each section to expand it. Click a topic to view that page.

At the bottom of each page is a set of navigational links. The left link will move to the previous topic and will appear as the topic's title. The right link will move to the next topic in a similar fashion. The center link, labeled up, will take you to the top page of the section you're currently viewing.

When you're viewing a page that introduces a new section you will see a list of topics within that section at the bottom of the current page. Click any topic to jump directly to its page.

At the top of each page is a search form which allows you to search the entire manual. Enter a simple phrase in the box beside the magnifying glass icon, such as "grid" and click Search. You will see a list of pages containing the phrase "grid". Click the link for a search result to view its page.

You will also see blue links within the body of the manuals. Click on a link to jump to the manual section that is referenced.

To view all the available manual sections, simply click the Manuals tab at the top of the page.