Is My CDM+ Current?

Submitted by Dean Phelps on Fri, 01/26/2018 - 14:40

The development team for CDM+ works hard to add new features and functionality to CDM+ as well as to fix bugs and known problems. New releases of the program incorporate this development work, and so it's important to keep your CDM+ program up to date. 

What is the current version?

The best way to check the current release of CDM+ is to visit the Downloads page. At the top of that page, you will see the current version of CDM+.

Knowledge Base Downloads.png

In this example, the current release is version 10.1.6.

What Version of CDM+ Am I Using?

You can check your version of CDM+ by choosing About CDM+ from the File menu (Windows) or the CDM+ menu (macOS). Go to the System Information tab, and look at the CDM+ Version. If your version number matches the version number from the Downloads page, you are using the current version of CDM+.

CDM+ System Information

How Do I Update?

If you are currently enrolled in Premier Support, there is no charge to update your CDM+ program. Return to the Downloads page, and click the link for the current release. Then click the Windows 7+ link to download the installer for Windows, or click the macOS link to download the installer for your macOS computer.

If you are upgrading from a version of CDM+ older than 10.0, click and read the pages to Upgrade from CDM+ 9.x or Upgrade from CDM+ 8.2 only before attempting to update CDM+. If your CDM+ is older than version 8.2, call CDM+ Support at 1-800-633-9581. Our Data Services department will need to assist you with that upgrade. 

If you are updating from CDM+ 10.0 or later, though, run the installer on your computer, then open CDM+. CDM+ will prompt you to update the database. Click Install Update to complete the process. Any other users of CDM+ will be prompted to update their program when they open CDM+.


If you are not on Premier Support, call CDM+ Sales at 1-877-891-4236. Our sales team can give you a price to renew Premier Support or to purchase the upgrade.