Submitting Feedback

In addition to phone and email tech support, you can also leave feedback.

How to send in feedback

You can open the feedback from by going to Help -> Provide CDM+ Feedback:

-This option is used to submit feedback on everything from suggestions on what features we could improve or add in a future version of CDM+, to general feedback on how you use to software and what you like about the product.

- Please DO NOT ask for help using the Feedback function. If you encounter a problem using CDM+, or if you need help using your CDM+ program, please either use the Support E-Mail or call in to our Support Line (both of which are detailed below). Bug reports or help requests sent in via the feedback system will be sent on to the support email system, but this will take time and delay any responses.

- If you feel you've encountered a bug and want to report it via the Provide Feedback feature, please describe the bug in detail and any steps that led you to produdce the bug.

- Before submitting your feedback, please check under the "Environment" tab and confirm that the name and email address listed are correct. If we need to contact you in regards to your feedback, this is the email address we will use. If you need to update the email please click on the pencil icon to change it.