Phone Support

Phone Support is by far the fastest way for us to help you resolve your problem. Our Tech Support line (1-800-633-9581) is staffed Monday-Friday 8:30AM to 6:00PM Eastern Time. If you do not reach our receptionist, or if you call outside of staffed hours, please leave a message including your name, church/organization name, office ZIP code, callback number and what time you will be available.

How Our Phone Support Works

  • Our receptionist will take your information
    • If a tech is available, your call will be transferred
    • If all techs are busy, your call will be placed on an electronic list for call back
  • Support staff returns calls in the order they were received
    • Tell our receptionist if you miss our callback. This ensures your call will be re-ranked higher based on the original call time 
  • Our policy is to return calls within 2 hours, but it is often much sooner
  • You can also call to schedule a call back in advance!

When You Call to Request Support

  • Give our receptionist your office mailing ZIP code or postal code to quickly pull up your record
  • Try to describe your problem in a couple of sentences -- no need for detail now!
  • Include where in the program (such as Membership or Ledger) you were working when the problem happened
  • Open screen sharing (see below) in advance for quicker help when you talk to a tech