Notice Categories

Notice Categories is an optional feature that allows you to organize your notices into categories appropriate to your use of CDM+.
Creating Notice Categories
Notice Categories are defined on the Built-In tab of the Master Coding System window (File>Master Coding System).
Categories defined here apply to all types of Notices (Letter, Card and E-Mail) in all CDM+ programs.
To create a new Notice Category code, click Notice Category once in the list of Built-In code types to highlight it. Then click the small Add button at the bottom of the Codes for Notice Category section of the window. A new line will appear; type the Description of the new Notice Category code. To add multipe category codes simply press Tab between typing the code descriptions. When finished, click the Save button.
Assigning Notice Categories
Notices are assigned to categories on a Select Notice window. This is the window that opens when you click the Select/Add button on any Notice (Letter, Card or E-Mail) report setup window.
If you have Notice Categories listed under Description on the left, you can click and drag an existing notice into the appropriate category. Or, if you are creating a new notice, highlight desired the category before clicking the Add button and it will be assigned there.
<No Category>
Existing unassigned notices can be assigned to categories at any time. Click on <No Category> in the Categories list to see all notices that have not been assigned to a category. To assign a notice, simply click it once to highlight it in the Notices list and drag it to the appropriate category.
Clicking on <All> in the Categories list displays all notices whether assigned to a category or not.
Once you have assigned notices to categories, to find a particular type of notice, such as Christian Education, click on the category at left and all assigned notices will display in the list to the right.