Update History

The Giving History feature of CDM+ Contributions is a valuable tool in analyzing the financial stewardship of a congregation. Using the Update Giving History function found on the Contributions menu, you can save a history of giving for any period of time for which you’ve been entering donations in CDM+.

To save a giving history, click on the small Add button at the bottom of the list of Previous Histories. Type the History Description and enter the date range, either by typing or clicking on the calendar icon and double-clicking on the correct date. Check the Giving Fund(s) you wish to include in the history and click Save.

Giving History Update Message While Giving History is Updating

You will see a window showing the progress of the update. This may take awhile depending on the number of contributions you are processing.

It is most common to save a year’s worth of giving, but you can enter any date range you would like. You also control which Giving Funds are included in the history period. So you could, for example, create a history named Building Campaign which includes only the Building 2007-2010 fund and has the date range of January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2010.

Giving History Update Showing Only Building Campaign

Or if you would like to be able to view a comparison of first quarter giving to Missions over the last 4 years, you could create giving histories that included only the relevant funds and date range of January 1 to March 31. The flexibility of the Giving History feature becomes even more valuable through the available reports and the View Giving History menu item.

NOTE: If you make changes to Contributions Records that are included in a Previous History, CDM+ will automatically update that history. This applies to new contribtuions and deleted contributions in addition to changed contributions.