Use Contribution History to Analyze Giving

Submitted by Dean Phelps on Thu, 04/05/2018 - 13:38

The Contribution History is a valuable tool for analyzing and understanding the giving patterns and trends in your church or organization. The contribution history is a summary of contributions by giving unit and giving fund for a specified time period. The history information remains after contribution records are archived, so you can move older contribution records out of your main database and still be able to do long-term analysis of stewardship.

Viewing a Contribution History

With contribution history, you can use View Contribution History (Program > Contributions > View Contribution History) to view summary statistics and create charts like the one shown above for total contributions or specific giving funds. The History Comparison report (Reports > Contribution Reports > Comparative > History Comparison) shows contribution history as a composite or broken down by giving unit. The report can be filtered to include specific giving funds and giving units. Printing the report to a text file makes it possible to pull the data into Microsoft Excel or other program for deeper analysis.

History Comparison Report Example

Contribution history for a giving unit can be viewed on the History tab of the Giving Unit record. 

It Starts with Building Histories

Using View Contribution History or History Comparison begins with creating the contribution histories. To create history records, go to Update History (Program > Contributions > Update History). Add a new history with a description, date range, and giving funds to be included. Most often a contribution history is built for a calendar year and all giving funds, but you can build histories, for example, that provide summary data for a particular campaign that covers multiple years.

More Information

Using contribution histories can provide the information you need to analyze and understand stewardship in your church or organization. Detailed information on how to build contribution history and generate comparative reports is available in the CDM+ Manual.